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Partnership & Coaching

hand drawn group of flowers
hand drawn butterfly

While Wildflower CFC works on building its center, our knowledgeable and experienced staff are able to walk alongside yours in creating a journey to include more nature in your program.  Some of the possible aspects that can be included in a custom package are:

  • Sharing the research, rationale and connections to Early Learning & Development.

  • Executive Function skills that are supported in nature-based learning.

  • Risk assessment and working with sticks and other loose parts.

  • Site evaluation and planning enhancements

  • Curriculum connections, emergent learning, and documentation.

  • Gardening, flowers, and seeds

  • Co-teaching with a nature teacher

  • Side by Side coaching in the classroom

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Blue Sky

Abraham U, ECE teacher,
Arlitt Center

“I found your presentations to be rooted in solid research, insightful, loaded with helpful tips, and connected to meaningful stories. I will spread the word... Grateful and inspired!”


Mindy Cline, Principal
Primary Village North

“Meredith did WHATEVER IT TOOK to provide a new and dynamic nature program at PVN. She designed hands-on learning opportunities that proved to be developmentally appropriate and beyond engaging. She not only reimagined our nature program at PVN, but inspired leadership within our district to add Nature programming to our daily schedule for kindergarten and first graders! To say we are thrilled is an understatement.”

Blue Skies

Kim Jarvis, Owner/Director of On Purpose Academy

Your vision is amazing and so glad OPA IS THE FIRST CENTER TO EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC!!

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