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About Us 

children looking through magnifying glasses at flower and grass

Wildflower Child & Family Center is in the process of creating a high-quality nature-based preschool and child care center that will lead the early childhood field in staff experience and will align the pedagogy of care and learning with and for our natural world.


While we build, we are partnering with other centers and agencies to provide high-quality nature-based programming for children.

Our values of Belonging, Growth, and Connection to our natural world lead our work each day.

Our Weaver (and Executive Director)

Meredith Florkey

Deeply committed to:

  • Supporting early childhood learning and well-being through year-round outdoor play.

  • Stimulating connection to the environment with the next generation of its guardians.

  • Promoting sustainable agriculture by instilling childhood awareness of food sources.

  • Making nature-based education available to children whose access to outdoor programs is limited.

An early leader in the field of nature-based education in Ohio and the Midwest:

woman in hat with butterflies in front of a garden

Our Board of Directors

Amy Kronberg, PhD-President
Joel Seifert, CFA-Treasurer
Sheila Camillus-Secretary
Forest Path

Join Us!

As we build our center we are on the lookout for those who are early childhood educators, environmental educators, land managers, as well as  students, funders, and elders who are interested in getting children outside and learning.  Please contact us and share your interest!

Thanks for submitting!

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